If you intend to supply your own artwork or logos please consider the following:

  • Preferred format is pdf, ai or eps.
  • Documents and images must be supplied in CMYK colour setting.
  • Word, powerpoint, publisher or other files are not suitable for most signage applications.
  • All text must be converted to outlines.
  • Images found on the internet or from clipart generally are not suitable to be reproduced at large sizes.
  • If it looks fuzzy on your screen at the size you want it printed, it will be fuzzy when we print it!
  • When you double the size of an image, you halve the quality.
  • Photos must be supplied at a high enough resolution for the application. Usually a minimum of 150dpi at actual size for vehicle graphics and 300dpi for print.
  • If the photo was taken on a good quality modern digital camera (8Mp +) then it will usually be ok to print.
  • Any photos or images used as part of a pdf must be embedded, or sent separately.
  • We cannot guarantee a 100% colour match on printed items. This is due to the digital printing process used. Please request a print sample if this is important.
  • We can re-create your logo if required. The price for this will vary depending on the complexity, but we will supply all files upon completion of the job.
  • While we check all artwork prior to printing, we take no responsibility for printing problems that arise from customer supplied artwork.

If you have any questions about supplying your own artwork, please contact us.